The dapper musician talks Berlin, solo tracks and life in ‘Kent’ one of Swedens most successful bands. Interview by Mark Fernyhough.

Despite being a Swedish native, you spend a great deal of time undercover as a bohemian Berliner. What do you enjoy about the city?

Oh, so much. The fact that Berlin feels like it’s developing and changing all the time is inspiring to me.

Which German band has warped your mind the most?

Kraftwerk basically.

Kent recorded in Berlin’s legendary Hansa Studios, how was that experience?

Back in ’98 we were in Berlin to do a show and realized that Hansa Studios was close by, so we went there and tried to imagine what it was like when Bowie and Iggy hung around there. Those guys, especially Bowie, are our heroes. In 2009 when we rented the Hansa ballroom and practically brought our whole studio down, just to see if there was any magic in those walls. I have to say there is.


You’ve recently released a solo record, how did that come to fruition?

It all started with me doing a 25 minute long instrumental piece for my hometowns 350-year anniversary. A year later I was approached by the artist Jesper Walderstenwhom who I got to know since we moved to the same town of Mariefred. He was going to do an art-exhibition and was asking if I could do some music. That ended up with me recording an hour of instrumental music that was played when people were looking at the paintings. This became the album Den ganska långa vägen hit which was released last year in January. It´s on I-tunes and Spotify worldwide. My new E.p is called “The fire is on me”. This time I wanted to create a dystopia rather than a beautiful place. And the track “Morgage” sums it up.

I love to watch old movies while I´m working, imagining I´m doing the soundtrack all over again.

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How does composing solo differ to your writing with Kent?

I wouldn´t categorize what I do myself as writing, more like producing different moods. With Kent it´s more social because I get to write with Joakim and a little bit more traditional in the sense that we have a certain amount of the song ready before we hit the studio.

What is your most memorable paranormal encounter?

Right after my Grandmother passed away I woke up in the middle of the night. I sat right up. There was this strange cold wind blowing through the room. After a while I could see smoke. The room smelled of cigar and right there in front of me my grandfather appeared and said to me: “Everything is going to be ok”. After that he vanished and I fell into a good sleep. The day after when I woke up my bedroom was still full of the cigar smell.

What does the future hold for you?

I want to do more strange collaborations. I want to do scores and really would love to do a new Kent-record!