Today we publish the fourth part of Splendid Berlin’s feature on Berlin’s new wave of international musicians.


Art Direction & Photography: Heike Schneider-Matzigkeit

Hair and Make-Up: Frances McGilp




Originally from Fremantle, Western Australia.

Current residence: Berlin, Mitte.

Singer/Songwriter, ‘Hip-Soul-Folk’ loop artist, Singing Coach.

‘it will all work out in the end, if it hasn’t worked out yet – it’s not the end’

‘I’ve been based in Berlin for the past 2.5 years after touring Europe several times from Australia and deciding that I needed a sea-change. Since then I’ve played throughout Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Holland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark and Greece. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to play in music festivals around Europe and to work with amazing Berlin producers to co-write and record songs. I’m now touring my 6th Album ‘Live in Düsseldorf’ recorded at a concert in Spoerl Fabrik.




Originally from Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Current residence: Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singing teacher.

‘I believe in the modest little miracles that can happen to anyone, at any time.. as long as love is around.’

‘On the 20th of June 10 years ago I came to Berlin – the next day I had my first concert here at Fête de la Musique. Ever since, I have been enjoying all the inspiring input and inspired output here. It feels like so many layers of musical history are vividly present here, what a wonderful platform to perform anything you’re into! I love adding my „vintage pop“-songs (with a twang and other 1950s and 60s elements) as you can listen to on my 2013 album „Vintage Gal Hour“ and live at for example White Trash, Clärchens Ballhaus, Bassy Cowboyclub or the tiny NEU! Bar. Sometimes all by myself, sometimes with members of my band (Dalai Cellai-cello, Julius Conradtwang guitar, Sascha Bachmann-drums). Also, I love making other people sing. That is why I teach in my SingingSessions.’




Originally from Berlin, Germany.

Current residence: Berlin, Mitte.

Singer/Songwriter, Promoter, DJ.

‘My life has been a wild ride so far. Rock n Roll has me in a tight grip’

‘I’m the lead singer of the Berlin/London based Heavy Rock band LUCIFER. I work as a DJ in Berlin and run a monthly Old School Heavy Metal night called KILL EM ALL CLUB & put on the occasional show out of passion. My life has been a wild ride so far. Rock n Roll has me in a tight grip since I went to my first show at age 13. Starting out with classical Soprano I soon started my journey as a teenage singer in various bands of the Metal scene in Berlin and even Stockholm. Music took me a year to Bergen, Norway when I was 18 and then later to Los Angeles, where I lived for three years. There I recorded an album with my dark Indie Pop band INFORMER together with Rayshele Teige until Berlin was calling me once again. Over the years I recorded in many different studios with my own bands but also as a guest singer for various bands of different genres. I played shows, starred in music videos and films and did a variety of voice talent jobs as a speaker and singer. Everything that I do in my life is somehow connected to music. It’s what I live for with all my heart. Last year I was very busy with my promising Heavy Metal band THE OATH, that ended like a stormy and brief love affair this year with the release of the debut album on English label Rise Above Records. Luckily this made way for my new Heavy Rock band LUCIFER. We just recorded our debut 7″ at Candy Bomber Studio in Berlin which will be released in March on Rise Above Records. Being in the studio is my favourite part of it all. Alone with the music in the recording room – I love this process. In January we are scheduled to record the debut album. The journey continues – and I am thrilled!